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Vaughan Williams: Sinfonia antartica; Oboe Concerto; Elgar: Introduction & Allegro; Cockaigne Overture
Philip Catelinet, Tuba
John Barbirolli, Conductor
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Salvation Army Compositions for the Pianoforte and for the Voice
Philip Catelinet, Pianoforte
Beatrice Hill Holz, Soprano
Triumphonic Recordings
Side 1
Sunshine: Eric Ball
Welcome for Me!: Wilfred Heaton
For Quiet Places: Eric Ball
Variations on “Begone, Vain World:” Gunnar Blomberg
Water’s Edge: Ray Steadman-Allen
In The Firing Line: Bramwell Coles; arr. Eric Ball
Side 2
A Happy Day: Bruce Broughton
O Love That Wilt Not Let Me Go: Emil Soderstrom
The Red Shield: Harry Goffin; arr. Philip Catelinet
The Word Of The Lord: Edwin Dytham
Not My Own: Stephen Bulla
Variations on “Sma Och Stora Runt Kring Jord” (“There Is Still Room At The Mercy Seat For You”): Gunnar Blomberg


The Flowing River
Salvation Army Classics for Songsters
Chelmsford Citadel Songsters
© 1999 Salvationist Publishing & Supplies, Ltd.

I Have Joined The Army Of The Lord (1936)
words: Herbert H. Booth, Music: Captain Phil. B. Catelinet
Hallelujah To The Lamb! (1937)
Words: Mrs. Captain Catelinet, Music: Captain Phil. B. Catelinet


The Old Wells
Favourites From The 78rpm Era, Volume One
Salvation Army Heritage Series
© 1997 Salvationist Publishing & Supplies, Ltd.
Cornet Duet: Deliverance (Composed 1934?, published 1934? recorded 1934)
Performed by Chalk Farm Band, Bandmaster A W Punchard
Composed by Bandmaster Phil Catelinet
Soloists: Horace Fitzjohn and Victor Hanscombe


Army Of The Brave
Favourites From the 78rpm Era, Volume Two
© 1999 Salvationist Publishing & Supplies, Ltd.
Air Varie: A Sunbeam (composed 1927?, published 1937, recorded 1946)
Performed by Rosehill Band, Brigadier Albert Jakeway
Composed by Captain Phil Catelinet


Sovereign Praise
Croydon Citadel Band
Bandmaster Iain Parkhouse
© 1999 Salvationist Publishing & Supplies, Ltd.
The Heralds
composed by Philip Catelinet


Solo Brass Series, Volume Two
Steven Mead, Euphonium
Rigid Containers Group Band, conducted by Robert Watson
© 1990 Heavyweight Recordings
Call Of The Seasons
composed by Philip Catelinet


The London Connection
Regent Hall Band 1988
© 1988? The Salvation Army
Duet – Deliverance
soloists: Nick Baker (cornet), Ken Bonsor-Ward (euphonium)
composed by Phil Catelinet


Salvation Army Stockholm Band
Bandmaster Erland Beijer
The Valiant Heart – Air Varie – Philip B. Catelinet


Pittsburgh Temple Band
Bandmaster Philip B. Catelinet
Symphony of Thanksgiving – 11/26/1958
Signature March – P. B. Catelinet


Arizona State University Symphonic Band
Richard Strange, director
Overture “The Spirit of the ’40s”  – Philip Catelinet


National Brass Band Festival 1979
Recorded Live at the Royal Albert Hall, London, on Saturday October 6th 1979
Toccata and Fugue in D Minor: J.S. Bach, arr. Catelinet
Performed by The Brighouse And Rastrick Band, conducted by Geoffrey Brand
Mahler, Symphony No. 1
arr. For band by Philip Catelinet

Mozart: Fantasia & Fugue
arranged by Philip Catelinet
performed by Arizona State University Concert Band, conducted by Richard Strange


Carnegie Mellon University Kiltie Band
Philip Catelinet, Director
recorded at Carnegie Hall, New York, April 11, 1975

“Star-Spangled Banner”
“Toccata & Ritornello” – Monteverdi, arr. Whipple
“Choral Prelude & Chorale” – Bach, arr. Lillya
Overture “La Gazza Ladra” – Rossini, arr. Cailliet
“Cypres et Lauriers” – Saint-Saens, arr. Catelinet
Donald Wilkins, solo organist
“Fighting for the Glory” – Sousa
“Crown Imperial” – Walton, arr. Duthoit
“Concerto for Band” – Gordon Jacob
“Summer in Valley City” – Ross Lee Finney
“Broadway Curtain Time” – John Krance


“The Star” for piano & cornet
Central Music Institute, 1956-57?
performed by
John Roussopolis, cornet
Philip Catelinet, piano

Incidental music played by Philip Catelinet, organ
Pittsburgh Temple, 5/17/1975

“Last Rose of Summer”
performed by Philip Catelinet, piano
Central Music Institute, 1958
(the piano had been infested by squirrels)

International Tuba & Euphonium Conference – May 15, 1992
The Brass Band of Columbus
Lexington, KY
Capuzzi – Andante & Rondo
arr. By Philip Catelinet

Alma Mater
Kiltie Band
Nottingham Fair
composed by Philip Catelinet
Severn Suite – Elgar (arr. by Philip Catelinet)
Worcester Castle
Fantasia – Mozart
arr. By Philip Catelinet

Concerto for Tuba – Vaughan Williams
arr. By Philip Catelinet
may be performing as well

Kiltie Band (unknown date)
Severn Suite – Elgar (arr. by Philip Catelinet)
Concertino for 5
Nottingham Fair
Cypres et Lauriers
Organ – Wilkins

Arizona State University Symphonic Band
Richard Strange, Conductor
Fantasia & Fugue in F minor – Mozart
arr. By Philip Catelinet
recorded March 28, 1989

“My Life in Music”
recorded for Rotary Club? November 10, 1983

Philip Catelinet, piano
Beatrice Holz, soprano
Trumpet Rondo – Hummel
George Reynolds, trumpet
The Heralds
Favorite American Songs of the Church

Coldstream Guards
conducted by Col. Ridings
includes Four of a Kind – Catelinet

Arizona State University – Tempe
Repondre – Trio for French Horn, Tuba, and Piano – Catelinet

Kiltie Band – New York (?)
Four of A Kind
Concertino for Five
Two Whimsies
Dith Variations
soloist: Dan Reuter

Honors Band 7/12/1974
Flourish for Wind Band – Vaughan Williams
Introduction & Maneli(?), The Golden Cockerell – Kousakoff/Harding
Overture “Youth Triumphant” – Henry Hadley
Hymn & Toccata – Thom. Ritter George
We Shall Remember – Bach arr. Philip Catelinet
Honors Band March
Suite from Bachianas Brasileras no. 4 – Villa-Lobos arr. Reed
Prelude – Dance

Sound of Music – Rodgers arr. Bennett
A Yuletide Medley (Cable?)
Train Ride – Prokofieff
Home For Christmas – Gould
Sleigh Ride – Anderson


Highlights from Star Lake Music Camp, 1967

Sunday Afternoon Festival
Hungarian March – Berlioz arr. Philip Catelinet
Youthful Recollections

Wednesday Finale Festival
Crusade of Youth:

Saturday Night

March, St. Helier
Four Choruses
Tuba Solo – Celestial Mon
(conolon(?) – Catelinet soloist)
Cornet trio – The Heralds
March Fantasy


Pittsburgh Brass Quintet
Canzona per sonare #2 – Gabrieli
Quintet in B minor – V. Ewald

Three Pieces – L. Maurer
Sonatine – E. Bozza
Where or When – McKie
Triumph Over Tragedy
Nottingham Fair
Concerto for Tuba – Capuzzi arr. Philip Catelinet
Them Bases – Huttine Dixie Gould

Coldstream Guards – Shrewsbury
Overture “Spirit of the ’40s”


Tribute for Philip Catelinet
Staff Band Concert – May 1976

Pittsburgh Symphony – piano version
(label reads “piano version – not really music”)

Recollections – Stockholm. 7
Hallelujah To The Lamb I.S.S.
Cheerful Voices – P. Cranston N.Z.X.
A Sunbeam – New York Staff
Cheer Up – Williams – Diffey
The Valiant Heart – Stockholm. 7
Deliverance – Williams-Diffey
Glory Hallelujah – Staines
With All My Heart – I.S.B.
General. E. Booth. Orebro
American Melodies – Los Angeles Con
Polonaise in A – Los Angeles Con
Army Of God – Hollywood Tab.
The Old Rustic Bridge – Hollywood Tab.
‘Neath The Flag – New York Staff
Ransomed – Halifax, Nova Scotia
Rousseu – Hamilton Temple
Tucker. Diffey – Hamilton Temple

Piano Symphony No. 1 – Catelinet
Two Whimsies
recorded by the composer at Carnegie Mellon University
The Honors Band
Introduction or Signature tune
Players are 14-18 years old – Western PA USA
followed by arrangement of “America The Beautiful” (not Philip Catelinet)
Concertino for Five (Brass Quintet) – Catelinet
Woodwind & Brass Ensemble accompt.
Recorded in Carnegie Hall, New York
Dr. Richard Strange
(the silences & amused audience due to player preparations)


Chicago Staff Band – 1963
Hamilton, Ontario
Colonel Carl J. Lindstrom, Bandmaster (also trombone soloist?)
Ernie Miller – vocal soloist
Acc Col. Norris
Howie Chesham, horn
(The recording was dubbed by Col. Carl Lindstrom in 1986)
A Sunbeam (vocal soloist)
De Glory Road
Marche Militaire
Robes of White – Howie Chesham
I’m On The Battlefield
Jubilate – cornet solo: Ron Rowland
Liz Norman, piano
What a Friend We Have
B. Glory, Hallelujah
“I hear you calling me” – Robert Getz
Italian Symphony
March Rockford Temple
Dry Bones – Male quartet
I Hear You Calling Me – Carl Lindstrom
Just As I Am
The Canadian
Happy All The Day
The Ransomed Host – Bob Getz

The Salvation Army – Southern Territory
1981 Territorial Music Institute Highlights

Side 1

The Valiant Heart, mvt 3 – Catelinet
TMI Band – Bandmaster Philip Catelinet

Where I Love To Be
Sidney Cox Chorus – Major S. Jaynes

Hand Me My Trumpet – Bosenko
Kearny Youth – Bulls
Leslie Hall Band – Major Tom Jones

He Came To Give Us Life – Larsson
Jesus Folk Cast – Mrs. Major James Jay

Step Out – Heming
Eric Ball Chorus – S/L David Hansen
Legend – Catelinet
Tuba solo – Mark Nelson
Piano – Philip Catelinet

There’s One Flag For Me – Larsson
Erik Leidzen Chorus – Bandmaster Carl Verbeke

Clear Skies – Bell
Cornet solo – Bandmaster Robert Jackson
TMI Band – Bandmaster Richard Holz

Side 2

All Day Dinner – Gardner
Triumph (Territorial Youth Music Ensemble)
Lt. and Mrs. Robert Parker

Love Lifted Me – Smith, arr. Wiltshire
vocal solo – Allan Wiltshire, Jr.

You Never Gave Up On Me
Contemporary Music Class – Bandsman Kathy Sipe

The Builder
Duet – Ruthanne Kellner & Kenning Davis

Workers Together – Ditmer
Hosea – Mvt. 3 – Redhead
Frank Longino Band – Bandmaster Robert Jackson and Bandmaster William Southwood

The Challenge! Youth’s Reply – Catelinet
TMI Chorus – Bandmaster Philip Catelinet

Our Heritage – Catelinet
TMI Band – Bandmaster Philip Catelinet
Major Harold Hinson, Narrator

Cornet Soloist Jenny Wren
“Love Changes Everything”
Rigid 1996
Hungarian March – Catelinet(?)
Cornet Solo
Scottish Dance
Capriccio Espagnol

Cheerful Soldiers; published on December 1956; General Series nr. 1438.

This march is also recorded: On a single record performed by The Netherlands’ National Band of the Salvation Army, conducted by Bernard Verkaaik.

Side one: Prelude and Fugue (D. Goffin).

Side two: Resolute Soldiers (B. Verkaaik)

Cheerful Soldiers (Ph. B. Catelinet)